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Cabinet Resurfacing In Reno, Sparks, Sun Valley, And More Of NV

Transform your kitchen's appearance with cabinet resurfacing in Reno, NV.

Cabinet Resurfacing In Reno, Sparks, Sun Valley, And More Of NV

Cabinet resurfacing is a cost-effective way to give your kitchen a fresh, premium look without a full remodel. In Reno, High Sierra Remodeling & Construction offers this service as part of our comprehensive kitchen remodeling packages.

Our team of in-house craftsmen and interior design specialists are dedicated to delivering top-quality workmanship, backed by a 3-year warranty. Trust us for professional, friendly service, and a revitalized kitchen space you’ll love.

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A Transformation Tailored to Your Taste

Choosing High Sierra Remodeling & Construction for your cabinet resurfacing means entrusting your kitchen’s transformation to licensed, insured experts who value your satisfaction.

Our 3D interior design capabilities enable us to tailor the project to your distinct style, ensuring a result that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Experience the joy of a revitalized kitchen with us.

Enjoy a complete kitchen remodeling service that offers:

The Benefits of Cabinet Resurfacing In Reno, NV

Explore the remarkable benefits of cabinet resurfacing, an integral part of kitchen remodeling that transforms your space while preserving your budget.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Cabinet resurfacing can dramatically transform the look of your kitchen without requiring a full remodel. This process involves replacing the door and drawer fronts of your existing cabinet boxes, instantly refreshing your space. With an array of styles and finishes to choose from, you can customize your kitchen cabinets to match your unique style.


When it comes to kitchen upgrades, cabinet resurfacing is a budget-friendly option. Why replace when you can resurface? Instead of buying brand-new cabinet boxes, you simply rejuvenate your existing ones. This makes a significant difference in the overall cost of your kitchen remodeling project while still achieving a high-end look.


Apart from the aesthetic appeal, another benefit of cabinet resurfacing is the extended lifespan it offers your kitchen cabinets. Our experts at High Sierra Remodeling & Construction adhere to the highest standards of craftsmanship, ensuring your newly surfaced cabinet doors and drawer fronts stand the test of time.


Cabinet resurfacing is less disruptive and more efficient than a full kitchen remodel. By focusing on the cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and existing cabinet boxes, we ensure a speedy makeover process, allowing you to enjoy your revitalized kitchen sooner.


Choosing to resurface your cabinets rather than replace them entirely is not only cost-effective but eco-friendly too. By keeping your existing cabinet boxes and focusing on the doors and drawer fronts, we minimize waste and promote sustainability.

To learn more about cabinet resurfacing in Reno, call High Sierra Remodeling & Construction at (775) 242-6405. Let our team of experts give your kitchen the facelift it deserves.

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Discover the Difference with Our Customer Reviews

Immerse yourself in the experiences of our past clients through their compelling reviews. Their stories underline the quality of our cabinet resurfacing services in Reno and provide valuable insights into the transformative impact we can have on your kitchen space.
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Simon Guo


He repaired my fence due to wind damage. Easy process from beginning to end. Very good communication, was fair about costs, and completed the work per expectations! Highly recommend and will do business again.



Travis and Jay are true pros. They were able to come out and give me a quote on short notice, they showed up to work exactly when they said they would, and they got the job done in the amount of time they said it would take them.

I’m very happy with my new shower. Overall a pleasant experience from start to finish. If you want the job done right, go with High Sierra.

Understanding Cabinet Resurfacing Vs. Cabinet Refacing

Before revising your kitchen’s look, it’s essential to understand the difference between cabinet resurfacing and cabinet refacing. Reno homeowners might use these terms interchangeably, but each process offers distinct benefits and drawbacks depending on your needs, budget, and kitchen design.

What Is Cabinet Resurfacing?

Cabinet resurfacing, a service we offer at High Sierra Remodeling & Construction, essentially involves replacing the drawer fronts and doors of your current cabinet boxes. It’s a fantastic way to give your kitchen a fresh, new look without the expense and time investment of a full remodel.

  • Advantages: Cabinet resurfacing is cost-effective, less disruptive, and more efficient than a complete kitchen remodel. It also promotes sustainability by reducing waste.
  • Drawbacks: While cabinet resurfacing can transform the aesthetic of your space, it doesn’t address any structural issues you might have with your existing cabinets.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

On the other hand, refacing kitchen cabinets involves replacing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, just like resurfacing. However, refacing also includes applying a new veneer to the exterior of your cabinet boxes.

  • Advantages: Cabinet refacing can address minor structural issues and allows for a more significant transformation, as the entire visible surface of your cabinets is changed.
  • Drawbacks: Cabinet refacing costs can be higher than resurfacing, and the process can take more time. It also produces more waste than cabinet resurfacing.

Comparing Cabinet Resurfacing & Refacing

Aspect Cabinet Resurfacing Cabinet Refacing
Pros Cost-effective, eco-friendly, quick turnaround More comprehensive transformation, minor structural issues addressed
Cons Does not address structural issues Higher cost, more time-consuming, more waste
Cost Lower Higher
Efficiency High Medium
Ideal for Upgrading aesthetics, minimal changes Deeper transformation, addressing minor structural issues

Remember, the right choice between cabinet resurfacing and refacing will depend on your specific needs, budget, and the current state of your kitchen cabinets. Whether you choose to resurface or reface, High Sierra Remodeling & Construction promises high-quality workmanship and a stunning result. Call us today at (775) 242-6405 to discuss your kitchen remodeling project.

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The Process of Cabinet Resurfacing in Reno, NV

Cabinet resurfacing is a popular choice for homeowners in Reno, NV looking to give their kitchen a fresh, new look without the cost and time investment of replacing cabinets entirely.

Step 1: Planning and Design

The first step in the cabinet resurfacing process is the planning and design phase. Together, we will evaluate your existing doors and drawer boxes, discussing your style preferences, and determining the best approach for your kitchen. We offer 3D interior design services to help envision your new space.

Step 2: Selecting New Doors and Drawer Boxes

With cabinet resurfacing, the next phase involves selecting new doors and drawer boxes that match your kitchen’s design and aesthetic. High Sierra Remodeling & Construction offers a wide array of custom cabinets to choose from, ensuring a perfect match for every homeowner’s unique style.

Step 3: Hardware and Drawer Pulls

Cabinet hardware, including drawer pulls, is a small detail that makes a significant impact on the overall look of your kitchen. We have a variety of hardware options available to complement your new doors and drawer boxes.

Step 4: Preparation and Installation

Our in-house team of craftsmen will then prepare your old cabinet boxes for resurfacing. This involves carefully removing the existing doors and hardware, ensuring that the cabinet boxes are in good condition and ready for their new look. We then install your chosen doors, drawer boxes, and hardware with precision and attention to detail.

Step 5: Final Touches and Clean-Up

Finally, we ensure all aspects of the resurfacing process are completed to your satisfaction and leave your kitchen spotless.

With cabinet resurfacing in Reno, NV, you can expect a quick turnaround, cost-effectiveness, and an eco-friendly approach. The result is a kitchen that looks brand new, without the need to entirely replace cabinets. Your old cabinet boxes get a second life, and your kitchen gets a revitalized look that you’ll love.

For any questions or to start your cabinet resurfacing journey, call us at High Sierra Remodeling & Construction at (775) 242-6405. Let’s give your kitchen the facelift it deserves!

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FAQs About Cabinet Resurfacing In Reno, NV

Cabinet resurfacing is a process where we replace the fronts of your drawers and doors on your existing cabinet boxes, giving your kitchen a fresh, updated look.

It’s eco-friendly, cost-effective, and less disruptive than a full remodel, focusing on aesthetic upgrades without addressing structural issues. It’s an ideal choice for those who want to refresh their kitchen’s look without committing to a complete renovation.

Yes, cabinet resurfacing is usually cheaper than entirely replacing cabinets, as it leverages your existing cabinet boxes, reducing both labor and material costs.

However, remember that the precise cost will depend on the specifics of your kitchen and your design choices. Feel free to contact us at (775) 242-6405 for a consultation and accurate estimate.

Cabinet refacing can indeed be a good idea, particularly if your cabinets have minor structural issues or if you desire a more drastic transformation. It’s a more comprehensive process than resurfacing, changing the entire visible surface of your cabinets for a fresh, new look.

It is costlier and more time-consuming than resurfacing and produces more waste. At High Sierra Remodeling & Construction, we are equipped to guide you through either process, always ensuring a quality result.

While it’s possible for homeowners with carpentry experience to attempt cabinet resurfacing, we don’t typically recommend it. The process involves precise measurements, professional equipment, and an understanding of design aesthetics.

At High Sierra Remodeling & Construction, our team ensures a seamless process and quality finish, complete with a 3-year workmanship warranty. For the best results and peace of mind, trust the professionals with your resurfacing project.

Refacing cabinets is a more comprehensive process than resurfacing, essentially involving the replacement of the entire visible surface of your cabinets. This process not only replaces the doors and drawer fronts but also applies a new veneer over the existing surface of the body (or “carcass”) of the cabinets.

On the other hand, cabinet resurfacing focuses only on replacing the fronts of your drawers and doors on your existing cabinet boxes. If your kitchen needs a more drastic transformation or if your cabinets have minor structural issues, kitchen cabinet refacing might be a better option.

The lifespan of drawer boxes after cabinet resurfacing largely depends on the quality of the materials used and the expertise of the craftsmen.

At High Sierra Remodeling & Construction, we use high-quality materials, and our in-house team of craftsmen has the expertise to ensure a durable, long-lasting finish.

Generally, well-resurfaced drawer boxes can last for many years with proper care and maintenance. It’s why we are confident enough to offer a 3-year workmanship warranty on our kitchen remodeling projects.

Elevate Your Kitchen with High Sierra Remodeling & Construction

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Partner with us for your cabinet resurfacing project and add a touch of elegance and functionality to your kitchen. Our stellar 3D design services, skilled in-house craftsmen, and a 3-year workmanship warranty make us the ideal choice in Reno, NV. To get started, simply call us or click the button below to send a message. Your journey to the kitchen of your dreams is just a conversation away!

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