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Top 10 Kitchen Remodeling Companies in Carson City, NV

Discover the top kitchen remodeling companies in Carson City, NV, each unique in their offerings and experience. This curated list aims to guide you through your kitchen transformation journey, with a special highlight on High Sierra Remodeling & Construction for their exceptional service and dedication to innovation and personalized design.

Bright kitchen: white cabinets, warm wood floors, stainless steel appliances.

1. High Sierra Remodeling & Construction

At the heart of Carson City’s kitchen innovation, High Sierra Remodeling & Construction, co-owned by Travis Gunter and Jason Blazeff, brings over 50 projects worth of experience to the table, including specialization in more than 40 bathroom remodels

What sets us apart is not just our comprehensive 3-year workmanship warranty but our commitment to connecting with you personally.

Understanding your unique needs and desires allows us to not just meet but exceed your expectations, delivering a kitchen that’s both luxurious and innovatively designed

We pride ourselves on our ability to push the boundaries of construction techniques, materials, and design, ensuring your kitchen remodel reflects your individuality and enhances your day-to-day life.

Top 10 Kitchen Remodeling Companies in Carson City, NV
Bright kitchen: white cabinets, warm wood floors, stainless steel appliances.

2. Pacific Stone

Specializing in a wide range of prefabricated kitchen cabinets, Pacific Stone offers an extensive selection, boasting over 50 colors and styles designed for quick and easy installation. 

Their approach caters to homeowners seeking efficiency and speed in their remodeling projects, with a focus on modernizing kitchens through a vast inventory of cabinetry options. 

While Pacific Stone maintains a high customer satisfaction rating, their services are primarily product-oriented, emphasizing the practical aspects of kitchen upgrades.


Kat C


He was flexible working with our needed timeframe. He was kind and very knowledgeable. We love our sink faucet and we look forward to using him again for future projects.

3. Crane Handyman Services

Crane Handyman Services offers a wide array of kitchen-related handyman tasks, including caulking for tubs, windows, and kitchens. Available around the clock, they are a reliable option for homeowners in need of immediate or miscellaneous kitchen repairs and improvements. 

With a solid reputation for dependability, reflected in their 4.8-star rating, Crane Handyman Services caters to those looking for straightforward, functional fixes rather than a full-scale kitchen transformation.




Jerwinn was super awesome, responding right away to a website inquiry and came right away to get the job done. He made sure everything was the way I wanted it and I will definitely hire him again!


Brian K


If you need handyman services, junk removal, or any other similar household tasks taken care of in the Carson/Reno/Tahoe area, you won’t find a better company to use than Crane Handyman Services. Jerwinn Crane does excellent work, is prompt and dependable

4. The Top Shop

With over a decade of experience and a perfect 5-star rating from customers, The Top Shop has established itself as a competent kitchen and bathroom remodeler in Carson City. 

Their expertise covers a range of remodeling services, from cabinetry to countertops, offering reliable quality and workmanship. 

However, The Top Shop’s approach is more traditional, focusing on delivering solid craftsmanship and functional improvements without necessarily incorporating the latest design trends or highly customized solutions.


Randall Lambach


Always a great experience and quality work.


Corey Chamberlain


Good people, great work

5. Amazing Tile & Stone LLC

Celebrated for their specialization in tile and stone work, Amazing Tile & Stone LLC brings 15+ years of experience to the table, focusing on high-quality remodeling and repairing services. 

Their expertise is particularly valuable for clients looking to enhance their kitchen’s aesthetic with durable, attractive tile and stone features. 

While their workmanship in these areas is exemplary, the company’s scope is more narrowly focused on specific surfaces rather than the entirety of the kitchen remodel.


Tim Rubald


Amazing Tile & Stone has been, well, amazing! We just went trough a complete remodel down to the studs and back up of our kitchen and master bath. Kory, the manager of the project for AT&S did the estimating, worked getting the tile crews set up with their needed materials, and even helped us pick the stunning grout colors needed.


Peggy Dawers


Doing a complete remodel can be quite stressful. Scott & his team certainly made the process easy! Professional, responsive, knowledgeable & communicative.

6. Harder Built Construction LLC


Ted Wales


The fine people at Harder Built Construction LLC are complete Pros at their work. Very professional, clean, and on time.

This company is known for its straightforward approach to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, offering solid construction and renovation services. With a focus on functionality and aesthetic upgrades, Harder Built Construction LLC is suited to projects that require structural changes or basic modernization. 

While they offer quality craftsmanship, their service offering is geared more towards traditional remodeling projects, potentially lacking the bespoke design and cutting-edge innovation sought by some homeowners.

7. Desert Pine

With a focus on reliable home improvement and handyman services, Desert Pine caters to a broad spectrum of residential and commercial clients. Offering bathroom remodeling as one of their services, they are recognized for their practical solutions and efficiency. 

Desert Pine is particularly adept at addressing specific repair and maintenance tasks, providing a valuable resource for homeowners in need of targeted interventions rather than comprehensive overhauls.


Itzayana G


I contacted Jorge to install a dyer vent and he did an outstanding job in a timely manner. I was extremely satisfied with his work in fact I even contacted him to complete other projects. Jorge is dependable and efficient at his work.


James Hardie


George & his crew installed a glass shower door in our newly remodeled guest bathroom. His customer service was excellent. His crew was professional and knowledgeable. We will definitely have Desert Pine Handyman do work for us again.

8. Abeyta Remodeling & Construction

Abeyta Remodeling & Construction: With a focus on foundational building and remodeling services, Abeyta Remodeling & Construction brings over a decade of experience as a contractor.

Their 3.7-star rating indicates a satisfactory level of service, with a commitment to meeting the basic requirements of traditional construction and remodeling projects. 

While they possess the capability to undertake kitchen remodels, their approach is generally more conservative, prioritizing structural and functional upgrades over innovative design or highly personalized projects.

9. Majestic Marble & Tile

Specializing in custom kitchen cabinet construction and surface work, Majestic Marble & Tile offers a focused approach to kitchen remodeling, emphasizing craftsmanship in marble and tile applications. 

Their 10+ years of experience provide a solid foundation for projects that require detailed attention to surfaces and finishes.


Stephen Sims


From estimate to installation, these guys were a class act. We are so happy that we had Majestic Marble & Tile due our bath wall install. The install crew were punctual and clean.


Shaun Klein


Majestic provides a very high quality service, if you want good quality work and great people to work with, I would definitely encourage giving them a call.

10. Home Services at The Home Depot


Wayne Bass


Best Home Depot in 5 states. The best customer service I’ve ever experienced! They were so friendly and helpful. This is the only Home Depot that I will shop in the region.

Known for its accessibility and wide range of home improvement services, Home Services at The Home Depot offers kitchen remodeling solutions backed by a brand synonymous with quality and reliability. Their service model is designed to provide homeowners with a convenient, one-stop-shop experience for kitchen upgrades, from cabinetry and countertops to appliances and installation services.
home storage area organize management home interior design pantry shelf and storage for store food and stuff in kitchen home

Make The Right Choice For Your Home

Each service in Carson City, including the bespoke and innovative offerings of High Sierra Remodeling & Construction, caters to a variety of kitchen remodeling needs, ensuring that every homeowner can turn their kitchen into a reflection of their lifestyle and tastes.

Dive into creating your dream kitchen with High Sierra Remodeling & Construction, where personalized service and creativity meet to fulfill your unique vision. Contact us today! (775) 242-6405

Carson City, NV, the state’s capital, seamlessly blends historic charm with natural beauty. Discover the rich past at the Nevada State Museum and enjoy the picturesque landscapes of Washoe Lake State Park, offering outdoor enthusiasts a perfect escape into nature and history in the heart of Nevada.