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The Best Kitchen Remodeling Cost In Sparks

A minor kitchen remodeling in Sparks, Nevada, costs around $30,000 and is one of the top three home improvements with the greatest return on investment, according to the Cost vs. Value Report 2022. Being transparent about the cost of your kitchen renovation is very important to us here at High Sierra Remodeling & Construction. We know it’s just as crucial to you.

This is why we’re always clear about every penny that will be spent on the project, so there are no unwanted surprises later down the road. producing top-tier renovations is our primary focus at High Sierra Remodeling & Construction. Still, we also want each and every one of our clients to have a superb experience from start to finish!

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The Typical Kitchen Renovation Cost In Sparks

The cost of renovating your kitchen varies depending on individualized factors such as the size of the space, materials used, and other personal details. All else being equal, it would be more expensive to remodel a large bathroom than a smaller one.

Here is further information to give you an idea of what typical expenses are in Sparks for different-sized kitchens.

Size (square feet) Average Cost
Small <70 sq ft $35,500 - $60,000
Medium 100-150 sq ft $60,500 - $80,000
Large 200+ sq ft $80,000 - $90,000+

Labor In A Kitchen Renovation Cost In Sparks

No need to feel stressed about your upcoming kitchen remodel; it may seem like a large project, but we have all the professionals you’ll need to help see it through.


You will need an architect on your team if you want to add any new walls to your project. They check that the blueprinted rooms are safe and structurally sound before construction can start. To get a construction permit, you will need the architect’s sketches and plans after they look at the property. Architect fees usually work in two ways: an hourly rate between $65-$400 or several one-time payments making up 10%-20% of your entire project’s final cost.


A professional kitchen designer is a key to creating an aesthetically pleasing and efficient space. They will assist you in remaining within your budget while executing your vision. Designers typically charge 10-20% of the total project cost; one-time consultation fees can range from $300-$1,500, depending on their experience level.


Although handymen are great for various home repair tasks, they usually lack the skills to fix all kitchen water leaks. A plumber can provide a temporary repair as well as address the problem at its source, ensuring that it will not occur again in the future. Consequently, you can expect to pay between $70 and $150 per hour for their services along with any necessary material expenses.


To keep you and your family safe, upgrading your electrical wiring when moving appliances is always a good idea. This way, you can ensure that the electric installation is secure. An electrician typically charges between $80 and $150 per hour in addition to supplies.


If you’re planning to update your kitchen cabinets, you have three options: stock, semi-custom, or fully custom. Hiring a professional carpenter is probably best if you want a specific style for your kitchen. However, if you’re looking for an investment that will appreciate over time, semi-custom furniture may be the right choice.

According to The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, creating something unique by working with individual artisans is always worth the investment—even more so when raising the resale value of your home improvement project.

Type Of Upgrades And Materials

Kitchen remodeling projects can be a lot of work, but the results are worth it. During our on-site visit, we’ll show you some of the best options for your area. Let’s look at some of the most popular upgrades people choose.

Kitchen Cabinets

Homeowners who want the most value for their money should always choose semi-custom cabinets over paint-grade or custom cabinets. Paint-grade cabinets are cheaper but not as good quality and don’t last as long as hardwood cabinets. Customizing your own cabinet size, shape, and design allows you to see how well they work in your kitchen before making a final decision.
modern white kitchen cabinets


One of the earliest decisions you’ll make when redesigning your kitchen is keeping or ditching your appliances. If they’re still in working condition, there’s no issue with keeping older appliances around. Some customers prefer replacements because it allows them an opportunity to get more luxurious models. Ultimately, it comes down to budget and cooking needs—if you don’t cook often, mid-grade appliance packages are usually sufficient.

Some people spend more money on luxurious, higher-quality appliances when renovating their kitchen. We know individuals who spent nearly $18.000 only updating their appliances! The advantage of these models is that they often make cooking quicker and simpler. In the end, the customer’s needs and preferences play a role in deciding which appliance they want for their new kitchen.

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Quartz countertops are often chosen for their durability and low maintenance requirements by most homeowners. But if you’re looking for a material with a unique look, marble might be the right choice for you. However, keep in mind that it’s more delicate than quartz and may require higher upkeep costs.

kitchen with black cabinets and marble countertops


Arguably, the kitchen is the most important room in any home, so homeowners need to be picky with their designs–flooring included. Some perennial favorites for kitchen flooring are hardwood and tile. Hardwood has a sleek look while also giving off a warm feeling; it’s also easy to take care of.

When you weigh your tile flooring options, remember that vinyl is an excellent choice that comes in myriad colors and styles. Not only does it require negligible installation and upkeep, but it can also resemble more costly types of floors like natural stone or wood – all at a tiny fraction of those materials’ expense!

wooden floors in kitchen with blue wall tile

Budgeting For Your Kitchen Renovation Cost In Sparks

Suppose you want to makeover your house. You are probably aware that it will cost some money, but what those home renovation shows don’t show is the whole picture – budget-wise. They often remodel kitchens that exceed most people’s budgets and fail to mention how much each element costs specifically. Consequently, many individuals have unrealistic hopes for their projects and spend more than necessary.

Don't Over Spend

If we’re not the type of people who enjoy cooking complicated meals requiring many appliances, then shouldn’t you spend less on layout changes and high-end kitchen equipment? Or if you don’t have a large family, then maybe it’s not a great idea to add more space to your kitchen. At the end of the day, your needs are unique, and discussing them with a professional contractor ahead of your remodeling project is key to avoiding overspending!

Know The 20% Rule

Unexpected kitchen renovation costs are always a pain. Still, by allocating an additional 20% of your total project cost to a contingency fund, you can be sure that you’re prepared for anything that comes up. By doing this, you’ll also have some buffer room in your budget if something goes wrong. And if everything goes well? The extra money will sit nicely in your account.

Know What You're Paying For For Kitchen Remodels

Part of having an enjoyable remodeling experience is being educated about all the expenses before starting the project; in doing so, there will be no unanticipated fees later. Be sure to inquire about any additional charges prior to agreeing to anything. It’s essential to have an accurate idea of what you’ll pay upfront to plan ahead financially.
modest white kitchen with appliances

Get Pricing Transparency For Your Kitchen Remodeling Cost In Sparks!

A kitchen remodel is always a great investment, whether you have immediate plans to sell your home or not. In addition to upping your property value, cooking and entertaining will be much more enjoyable. Even if resale value isn’t currently a top priority for you, know that you’re still making a smart choice by opting for a renovation! Here at our company in Sparks handling all aspects of your kitchen redesign project will be an absolute pleasure from start to finish!

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