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The Best Kitchen Remodeling In Sparks

If you live in Sparks and are considering a kitchen remodeling project, look no further than High Sierra Remodeling & Construction. Not only will we perfectly execute your project, but you’ll also have a custom-made kitchen as our end result. We always go out of our way to give every customer the best possible experience – it’s something we take pride in. Plus, being part of this community means everything and drives us to provide only the highest quality home remodels for everyone here.

At High Sierra Remodeling & Construction in Sparks, we’re proud to offer residents premier master bathroom remodel and kitchen services. We know that a fabulous kitchen is worth its weight in gold, so our mission is to ensure everyone who chooses us has a fantastic experience and adores their project results.

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A Remodeling Company That Makes A Difference

We’re not simply a construction company–we aspire to shift how homeowners view contractors. Our staff takes pride in offering excellent customer service and craftsmanship. Learn more about what we can do for your home today!

Besides a superior product, you’ll also get:

Working With Premium Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Even though going with a general contractor for your kitchen remodel in Sparks might be less expensive, the end result could make it worth it. As with any journey, before beginning, think about how home renovation projects will change your life and house for better or worse. You usually don’t want to go for the “reasonable” option when you have alternatives.

At High Sierra Remodeling & Construction, we take care of every element of your remodel from start to finish so that you can relax throughout the process. Plus, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Our skilled team works together effortlessly to create a wonderful experience out of your kitchen remodeling project that will definitely make our customers happy.

Check out our services for kitchen remodeling in Sparks! Work with the most sought-after remodeler in your area and witness your vision come through!

Homeowners in Sparks Are Falling In Love With Their Kitchens Everyday

Check out what Sparks neighbors are saying about hiring someone who keeps their word: they’re rediscovering the beauty of a new kitchen!




Travis and Jay are true pros. They were able to come out and give me a quote on short notice, they showed up to work exactly when they said they would, and they got the job done in the amount of time they said it would take them.

I’m very happy with my new shower. Overall a pleasant experience from start to finish. If you want the job done right, go with High Sierra.


Jeremy Stratton


Excellent experience! Work was performed exactly the way they said it would be, it was done in the time frame they stated and they were professional and courteous. The thing we were most impressed by was their cleanliness. I’m picky when it comes to this.

I expected dust and small debris and was fully prepared to not be able to use anything in the area they were working for the entire time frame.

To my surprise, not only did they take care to keep the dust from getting out of the area, they cleaned up and organized their tools and stored them out of the way so we could use most of the area, they cleaned up all small random debris, vacuumed hallways they used, and swept the front entry….and they did that every day for a week +. You can always tell the quality of someone’s work by how they leave their work area each day and these guys are a standard people should work hard to live up to. Thanks again, will recommend and use in the future for sure!

Type Of Upgrades And Materials

Kitchen remodeling projects can be a lot of work, but the results are worth it. During our on-site visit, we’ll show you some of the best options for your area. For now, let’s take a look at some of the most popular upgrades people choose.

Kitchen Cabinets

Homeowners always want to get the most value for their money, and one way they can do this is by choosing semi-custom cabinets over paint-grade or custom made cabinets. Paint grade cabinets are cheaper but not as good quality or long lasting as hardwood cabinets. Custom made cabinets allows you to pick the size, shape and design so that you can see how well they work in your kitchen space before making a final decision.
wooden white kitchen cabinets in kitchen


One of the earliest decisions you’ll make when redesigning your kitchen is keeping or ditching your appliances. If they’re still in working condition, there’s no issue with keeping older appliances around. Some customers prefer replacements because it allows them an opportunity to get more luxurious models. Ultimately, it comes down to budget and cooking needs—if you don’t cook often, mid-grade appliance packages are usually sufficient.

Some people prefer to spend extra money on appliances of higher quality when they renovate their kitchen. We know individuals who spent nearly $18000 only updating their appliances! The advantage of these luxurious models is that they frequently make cooking quicker and simpler. When it comes down to it, the customer’s needs and preferences play a role in deciding which appliance they want for their new kitchen.

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Quartz countertops are not only stronger and more crack-resistant, but they also don’t need much upkeep. If you want a material with a unique look, marble is perfect; however, keep in mind that it’s more delicate than quartz and will likely require higher maintenance costs.
kitchen with black cabinets and marble countertops


Arguably, the kitchen is the most crucial room in any home, so homeowners need to be picky with their designs–flooring included. Some perennial favorites for kitchen flooring are hardwood and tile. Hardwood has a sleek look while also giving off a warm feeling; it’s also easy to take care of.

If you’re considering your tile flooring options, vinyl is a great option that comes in many colors and styles to suit any taste. Not only is it easy to install and maintain, but it can also imitate other more expensive types of floors, like natural stone or wood, at a fraction of the price tag, making it one of the best deals on any floor you will find!

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This Is How Your New Kitchen Can Look!

Ready to be Sparks’s next kitchen figure? These before-and-afters might inspire you.

Experience A Pleasant And Satisfying Remodeling Process!

Renovating your kitchen doesn’t have to be a nightmare – with our efficient process, it can be fun and easy! You’ll always know what’s going on, so there are no surprises, and we’re always available to answer any questions. So go ahead and start planning your dream kitchen – we can’t wait to see it come together!

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Get in touch with us, and let’s discuss your project!
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Watch us transform your kitchen and be in full control of everything!

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Your new kitchen is ready! Enjoy it!

Frequently Asked Questions

A kitchen remodel starts at $40,000 and can reach upwards of $100,000 in larger spaces with the highest end appliances and cabinetry finishes available.

Depending on the level of finishes, a majority of the work can be done within 2-3 weeks, with countertops following 2-3 weeks afterwards. This is because countertops are laser-measured after the cabinets are installed for a precision fit.

Once we understand what your project entails, we’ll be able to provide a more exact timeline.

High Sierra’s in-house specialists will complete a majority of the work, with trusted trade partners providing solid-surface fabrication and installation.
kitchen with black wall tile and white cabinets

The Best Time To Get Your Kitchen Remodel Project Started!

If you’re looking to take your kitchen or bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary, High Sierra Remodeling & Construction is the business for you. We are dedicated to providing our clients with an excellent experience from start to finish.

What makes that possible is outstanding customer service, high-quality workmanship, and being there every step of the way should you need anything. You can also expect complete transparency throughout the process when working with us – no surprises!

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